May 1, 2015

Price Waterhouse Public Relations Tips

News photo for Price Waterhouse Public Relations Tips

In a PR release, Price Waterhouse recommended four business practices, the first of which is right down WCFP's alley.

First, PWC premise is two points:

While Box Office Numbers Dipped in 2014, PwC US Expects to See a Strong Consumer Return in 2015

High Ticket Price Concerns could be eased by Genre, Incentive and Friend Recommendation Drivers

PWC recommends the following:

Focus on the core audience, which lies among 18-34 year olds and frequent movie goers. As the most movie-involved groups, they are most likely to be influenced by incentives and features.

WCFP's business plan specifically addresses this issue by focusing on the Millennium slate of action/adventure films. PWC reports:

Nearly half of consumers claim their movie going frequency did not change this year versus last. Young adults, in particular, love their movies. On average, the 18-24 and 25-34 year olds watched more movies (about six), than the other age groups.

Film genre is the biggest driver of movie viewing led by action/adventure, followed closely by comedies. Thrillers and dramas trailed by some distance, but viewership is higher for those genres among 50-59 year olds. Horror films resonate significantly with younger audiences (18-24 year olds) relative to older groups.

Movie content and wanting a night out are significantly more influential to younger adults ages 18-34 than to their older counterparts ages 35-59.